How To Manage Your Subway Card At To Get Online Benefits

Being the Customer at Subway is a good choice for everyone because you don’t need to think more about your delicious meal. Now Subway has become the most popular restaurant percentage internationally. For that reason, Subway has over 5000 Individual Locations all over the entire country and is able to provide excellent and amazing Custom Sandwiches at any time and every moment to its Users.

Now you can celebrate your Parties easily, you can go with dinner with your Boss at any Restaurant, You can impress your Wife by Presenting them with Subway Gift Cards. there are various advantages of using Subway Gift cards. Subway Gift cards are electronic Gift cards through which you can easily purchase Items at any Restaurant of Subway in the USA & Canada. Subway gift cards are reusable and reloadable so money can be added to the SUBWAYCards at any time, making them a convenient way to Pay for Subway Restaurant menu Items.

Subway Gift cards can be purchased at any Brick-and-mortar Subway Locations but can be ordered online at the Ordering Subway gift cards online allows you to choose a Card design from pre-loaded backgrounds, but also gives you the option of making the gift even more personal by decorating the Subway Gift Card with images uploaded from your computer.

Up to nine cards can be ordered at a time in amounts between five and 500 USD. If you’ve ordered the Subway Gift card then the Website will send the Gift card through the Email for you, which can take around two days. also, there are a number of different shipping options available but this website also helps you to calculate the best price for you.

Subway Gift Cards are similar to Credit or Debit cards and work similarly. Using the Subway Gift cards at first you need to Register it. You can Register it by providing your Card Details in the Subway Gift cards Registration process. The Registration process of Subway Gift cards is quite simple and easy you just need to visit the Mysubwaycard Website or just follow this Predecessor of Subway Gift Card Registration/ Login by Given here. Once you’ve owned a Subway Gift Card then you can enjoy the number of services and the offers as well. If you are the  Subway Gift cardholder, you can login to to view purchase information, manage your accounts, set up auto-reload and also be eligible for promotional offers. MySubwayCard is the perfect gift for Subway fans.

How To Manage Your Subway Card At To Get Online Benefits



  • It has been in the industry since 1965
  • Its headquarters is based in Milford, Connecticut, USA
  • It is a chain of fast-food restaurant known for its submarine sandwiches
  • It was originally known as Pete’s Super Submarines until 1968
  • It has over 44,800 branches in over 110 countries

Benefits You Get After Registering Subway Cards-

The Subway Gift card Reward programs are the discretionary program available in the market in the USA. Under this “Reward Program” Loyal Subway Customers will get lots of benefits. here below We have presented the list of benefits offered by the Subway to its cardholders:

  • Bonus points after registering the card:

Subway gives you the 50 bonus points for the Subway Gift cardholders who have done Mysubwaycard registration. With this bonus, you can redeem it with 6-inch Sub.

  • Point for every transaction:

Subway will give you an extra point for every $1 you spend to buy Subway products. You can collect this point. When you have sufficient points, you can easily redeem it with free chips, Sandwich, and drink. With the reward points, you can get discounts for certain menu items as well.

  • The Subway Card is renewable:

There is no expired date for the Subway Gift Cards. So you can keep using the Subway Gift card as long as you reload it. You can add the fund on your card at most of Subway counters. Besides, you can give the payment using a credit card or cash. But, if you have Subway E-card, you can only reload it online.

  • Subway protects Mysubwaycard from theft:

You just need to verify your Mysubwaycard account to get the protection benefit. Since one customer can only have a card, he should verify it by using a valid email id. When you lose or damage the Subway Card, you should report it via phone call. Then, Subway will replace it with the new My Subway Card. But, you can receive the new Subway card in two or three weeks.

Subway Points Card Quick Hits-

  • To register for the My Subway Card you need to dial the Number 1-877-697-8222
  • Reward points can be used to lower the cost of a menu item
  • Members who register their card after January 1, 2015, will earn a smooth 50 point bonus
  • If for whatever reason the Subway location is NOT able to load Rewards Points into a members account due to technical issues or a power outage the Rewards Points WILL be added retroactively**
  • Reward members will have 90 days to apple for retroactive points from the date of purchase (see more below)
  • Consumers are allowed to purchase 10 cards online
  • Orders of 10+ Subway cards are allowed for large and small businesses looking to reward employees
  • Large corporations looking to make a bulk order should dial 1-888-445-9239 ext. 1273
  • The reward points can only be used on specific menu items at Subway***
  • The maximum value that can be associated with anyone SUBWAY Card at any given time is $500.00
  • Subway cards are not allowed to be exchanged for cash
  • If the card is lost or stolen please dial 1-877-697-8222 ASAP
  • A lost or stolen card will be replaced by Subway within 3 weeks

* Rewards Points will be rounded up or down to the nearest dollar (for example a purchase costing $4.49 would earn 4 points while a purchase costing $4.50 would earn 5 points)

** To obtain the retroactive points due to a tech error use the Request Form for Rewards Points

*** A list of menu specific items can be found at the See what your points can get you promotional page

Tricks to Maximize Your Points-

If you want to maximize your Subway Points then We are giving you all about the secret way to maximize the use of your Subway Points. many people want to get the most valuable thing by using their money. So, they must want the same with their points. That’s why you should use the Subway benefit by getting the most expensive food at least point. Here are the smart tricks you need to follow:

  • Do not redeem your points during the promotion month:

In the promo program, Subway has set a low price for certain menu items. For instance, they sell foot long for $5. This is so affordable that you don’t need to redeem your points for this kind of food. If the Footlong sandwich costs more than $8, you can use your points to get it for free.

  • Do not use your points in the discount program:

In a certain month, Subway offers a special discount for its menu. It sometimes gives a special price for Ham, Cold Cut, or BLT. In this period, you can buy these menus by paying only $5. So, you need not use your points to buy these items.

  • Use your points for regular Subs:

We agree that the most expensive menu in Subway is Footlong Subs. But, you need to use it when Subway sells the Subs in the regular price. This way, you will have expensive Subs without paying any dollars. It is because you need to redeem your points for the expensive regular sandwich.

  • Buy the cheap sandwich to collect points:

In the promotion month, you need to buy the discount menu. Then you can buy cheap Subs while adding the points in your cards. The best moment to redeem the points is on the non-promotion month. through this, you can easily enjoy delicious Subs for free.

Here we list down the menu which you can buy with your Subway points:

  • 10 points are for one cookie.
  • 15 points are for chips in a single-serve size.
  • 20 points are for a fountain drink.
  • 30 points are for bottled drinks or coffee.
  • 35 points are for a flatbread or breakfast sandwich.
  • 50 points are for a regular 6-inch sandwich.
  • 75 points are for regular or breakfast footlong.
  • 100 points are for premium flatbread or footlong. Manage Your Subway Gift Card Online-

After the Logged into your Mysubwaycard Account you need to Manage your Subway Gift card Account. the Mysubwaycard Gift card Management process starts with the Checking Mysubway Gift Card Balance online. Mysubwaygiftcard Balance checking process is just simple for that you need to follow some instructions, get these Mysubwaycard Check Balance Online steps from Here.

Subway Gift cardholders can check Gift card balance online, and carry out a few card management tasks online. these are the things that Subway Gift Cardholders can do online by the Mysubwaycard Website. The function for Checking the Subway Gift card balance online is one is particularly valuable for the Mygiftcardsite Account holders. That’s the reason, all the peoples who have their Subway Gift Card are likely to be interested in Checking the Subway Gift Cards Balance online.

Steps that you need to follow in order to Access your Subway Gift Card Balance-

  • The first step you need to follow to Check Subway Gift card Balance is that visiting the Subway Website, for that make sure that you have your Internet connection Available.
  • Once you’ll Open the Mysubwaycard Website, you need to check at the top where you’ll see a menu that is rendered in very small font, something Like “Subway Card”, “Subway Kids”, “Order Online” and “Subway Partners” through that menu you need to click on the “Subway Card”.
  • After Clicking on “Subway Card”, you will be taken to the Subway Card Website i.e Once you are on that Website you need to enter the Required details for that you can easily Access your Subway Card Balance Online.
  • If you’ve previously visited the Mysubwaycard website you don’t need to start by going to the Main Subway Website and Clicking on the link to be taken to Subway Card Website.
  • Now you can subsequently get Subway your Mysubwaycard Balance online. Based on the balance figure that you get you may, for instance, make the decision on whether to visit a Subway outlet and pay for food using the card or not.

Reference Links-

  1. Subway Card Rewards Program –
  2. Subway Card Contact Information
  3. Subway Card News and Offers Sign Up –
  4. Join Subway and Start a New Career

Mygiftcardsite Visa And MasterCard – Check Balance, Registration, Activate At

Prepaid Gift Cards like VISA or Master Cards make the perfect gifts for all the occasions. You can use VISA/Master Card Gift Cards anywhere where Prepaid cards are accepted.

If you’re planning to attend the Birthday celebration for your friends and still confuse about which Gifts are perfect for your Recipients then you don’t need to spend time at shopping malls because Prepaid Gift cards may be the good choice for you.

you can purchase the Prepaid Gift cards then give it to your beloved ones. the Recipients of that Gift cards can use it anywhere for any transaction.

As we know that everyone has a different choice and that’s the reason for people don’t like the Gifts received from their friends. In this situation, Sending Gift cards are the best way instead of sending them Gifts because this is the most popular way by which your friends or beloved ones can purchase anything according to their needs.

But when we talk about the Gift cards then the first thing arises in our mind mygiftcardsite. Because when you will purchase the Gift card for the first time then you need to Register your Prepaid Gift cards. Mygiftcardsite is the Online portal where you can easily Register your Prepaid VISA or Mastercard.

Apart from these Mygiftcardsite also provides the Services to Manage, Activate & Check your Prepaid Gift Cards Balance Online. Individuals are satisfied with the Mygiftcardsite Customer Services which is beneficial for Prepaid Gift card Holders.

Nowadays Prepaid Gift cards are getting popular worldwide and lots of banks are providing the Option of Gift cards. You are able to Gifts if to your Friends, Family or your beloved ones.

The Increase in the Use of Prepaid Gift cards is the reason that there are Lots of Websites that are Providing the Option to Check & Manage Your VISA & Master Card Balance Online.

There are Many Peoples who are getting Gift cards on their Birthdays or any Special Occasions from their Friends & Relatives. With the help of these Gift cards, they are able to shop anything according to their Interest through Store or Online.

But when you Receive Your VISA & Master Card Gift Cards one the First time then you need to Register Your Gift cards because without Registering your Prepaid VISA & Mastercard you are not able to purchase anything.

If you have any problem with how to Check the Balance of Your Prepaid Gift cards at Mygiftcardsite, then This Article is only for you. Prepaid Gift cards Like VISA & Master Cards are mostly accepted in the United States Of America.

Because most of the People Trust to Buy Gift cards Instead of spending their Time at Shopping Malls. Here are Some Features of Prepaid Gift Cards and benefit of Using the Prepaid Gift Cards:


Features & Benefits Of Prepaid Gift Cards-

Many Peoples Use Prepaid Gift Cards Like VISA Or Mastercard Gift cards because there are many Advanced features that are enabled which make it special.

Here we have Highlighted some of the best features & benefits of Using the Prepaid Gift cards which you need to know:

  • Gift Cards are Accepted in Millions on Location in the USA. You can use Gift Cards anywhere where you want and Purchase any items which you like.
  • Gift Cards are very easy to use more than cash. Using the Gift Card you can do Payment When you want.
  • Gift Cards are very Safe and You can purchase any items with gift cards at any time.
  • In the Case of If Lost or Stolen of your Gift Cards, you don’t need to worry because nobody can use these Cards without having PIN Number.
  • Gift Cards are not Reloadable and remain active until card amount is used up or the card expires on exportation date whichever comes first.
  • Gift Cards have a fixed amount of Money and Your card carries a fixed amount you determined at the time of purchase.
  • Every card has an expiration date and you can find the expiration date written on your Gift Cards.
  • You Can Easily Register Your Gift cards by creating Account Online.

How Gift Card Works

If you have a question about the How Gift Card Works? then this is quite simple you don’t need any additional information to use your Prepaid Gift Cards.

When you Register your Prepaid Gift Card Online, you’ll get your Gift Card with the PIN No which you’ll use when you pay for any items and anything else.

If you want to purchase any item then you need to give your gift card Number to the shopkeeper and after that, you need to check the remaining balance of your Gift Card.

Register Your Prepaid Gift Card At

If you’ve not Already Register your VISA/Master Cards Gift Cards online yet, then you need to visit the Mygiftcardsite website at

Here you will easily register the Number of your Prepaid Gift Cards. is the website where you will easily Manage your VISA & Mastercard Gift cards.

Here is the complete procedure to Register your Prepaid VISA/Mastercard Gift cards Online:

Step I: Visit

If you want to Register your Prepaid Gift cards then at first you need to visit the Mygiftcardsite website and the system will redirect you to

Step II: Enter Your VISA/Master Card Number-

On the homepage of Mygiftcardsite, you will see three blank space where you need to Enter Your 16 Digit Gift card Number (Located in the front side of your Gift Cards).

Step III: Enter The Card Security Code-

Now Enter the card Security Code Or PIN No which is located in the Backside of your Gift cards.

Step IV: Enter The Captcha Code-

Captcha Code is the verification code that you need to enter on the time of Registration of Your Prepaid VISA & Mastercard Gift cards.

Step V: MyGiftCardsite Login –

After Successful Registration, You Need to Tap the Login Button and when you will Click On Mygiftcardsite Login, you can easily manage your VISA/MasterCard Gift Cards Online.

Mygiftcardsite Activate, Manage & Check Balance At

After Mygiftcardsite Registration the next Step is Managing your Prepaid VISA & Master Card Online at And Once you Register Your VISA & Mastercard Gift cards, you are now able to start shopping anywhere.

In order to Activate Mygiftcardsite Prepaid Gift Cards you need to log in/Register once. and when your card is Activated You can start checking your Prepaid Gift card Balance at

This website offers a number of features and services, for example, you can check mygiftcardsite balance because checking the Balance of Gift cards is important for both the Prepaid and Postpaid Gift card owners.

And if you’re the Prepaid Gift card Holders, you’ll want to make sure you have enough balance before going out for the shopping.

Besides Mygiftcardsite Balance, you can also check the account statement, including the entire history of transactions you have performed. MasterCard or Visa Gift Cards information both are available on this website after activation and log in.

Mygiftcardsite Check Balance Complete Step by Step Process-

Find Out how much value is remaining on your card in simple steps. You may be asked to submit your gift card number and gift card PIN to verify the balance.

You can find these numbers and/or characters exactly as they appear on the back of the gift card. Checking the Mygiftcardsite Balance at is simple.

You can check Mygiftcardsite Balance in three ways. Here are the Complete Details of Step for checking Mygiftcardsite Balance:

How To Check Mygiftcardsite Balance Online?

You can easily check your Gift Card Balance at mygiftcardsite website. for that, you need to Log In to the website and Input your card details in the given fields.

Follow the step by step instructions mentioned below to start the application.

  • Go to the web address.
  • At the landing page, you will be prompted to provide your card information to execute the process.
  • Enter your gift card number in a specified place.
  • Input security code in the next space. The Card Security Code is a 3-digit number printed on the back of the card. You should enter the security code exactly as it appears. If you enter the wrong code, you may not be able to log in.
  • Enter security characters as give in the image and press the “Login” button.
  • On the landing page, you will get information about your card remaining balance.

How To Check Mygiftcardsite Balance By Calling?

When you want to get information about the gift card, you can call Gift Card Customer Service Number Toll Free at 1.866.952.5653. The Customer service center is available 24 hours every day. This way is so simple since you only need a minute to complete the process.

How To Check Mygiftcardsite Balance at Store?

You can also check out the card balance in the store. and

When you visited then it comes on your mind is that this website is not so you don’t worry because and are both same websites there is nothing different between them.

My Gift Card Site Customer Service Number Toll-Free

If you have any problem and you want to ask any questions related to the Gift Card then here we provide you the Customer Care Number.

Toll-Free: 1-866-952-5653 Reviews: Is Mygiftcardsite Trusted?

Mygiftcardsite is an online website that gives a great opportunity for Prepaid Gift card Holders. There are lots of benefits and Advantages of Using the Mygiftcardsite website.

You can easily Access your Gift Card anywhere instantly but when you use the website, then you need to Login properly and systematically log out on all occasions.

The Company has a good record of History and excellent Records for each and every customer. For every transaction, you need to use your Gift card safely and securely and this will save a lot of your time in the decision making process.

Some of the best advantages offered here are, convenient shopping, saving your earnings and using it instantly whenever or wherever you are irrespective of carrying cash or not. With such wonderful advantages, you can even check your balance as too much is remaining on the card and how much more you need to spend on your shopping. website not only allows you to pay your regular bills but also allows you to spend your holiday with your family, make online shopping and such other benefits and services. Therefore this necessitates that you must know how to use your card and keep the card number always protected.

Further, it is also very important that you use the card only for genuine transactions which will increase the credibility of your card and some of the activities includes shopping on the time of occasion & festivals, family vacation, and payment of utility bills.

As termination of your account is always dependent on the compliance of policies, you should ensure to follow all the procedures & Policies of the Mygiftcardsite website.

Also, You need to Regular check Mygiftcardsite balance which will not only save your time but will always help you to save more money. You are also advised not to disclose any of the confidential information and must seek the permission of

Mygiftcardsite not working?:

Are you experiencing trouble with mygiftcardsite? There are many ways to fix it. As aforementioned, disable the pop-up blocker first. This will allow you to view all the relevant information. Sometimes pre-saved cookies on the system cause login issues.

So you need to clear the cookies and try again to Login www.mygiftcardsite Website (before that you may also try to close the browser and open it again). If nothing seems to work then you need to call the toll-free number of mygiftcardsite by dialing at (866) 952-5653.

This number is different from what is printed on the activation sticker on the card. The number on the activation sticker is incorrect. The same information is updated on I hope your problem will solve here.

What Policies or Restrictions Apply To My Card?

There are a few policies and restrictions to using your Visa & Mastercard Gift Card. These cards cannot be used to get cash advances, for internet gambling, money orders, traveler’s checks, or any illegal purchase.

You cannot add any value to this card. If using this card to purchase gas, you should take it inside to an attendant instead of attempting to “pay at the pump.” In some restaurants, a 20% tip may be added to your transaction.

This card cannot be used to rent an automobile or to make hotel reservations. If you decide to return any items that were purchased with the card, the money may be sent back to the card. For this reason, you will want to keep the card with you even after it has reached a zero balance so that you can still get your refund.