Wine: The preferred alcoholic drink of many

A chicken dish paired with a chilled bottle of wine is a common occurrence for many at weekend parties. When it comes to alcoholic drinks, different people have different tastes but wine remains one of the favorite alcoholic drink for many. There are different types of wine drinks that are available in the market. So if you are hosting a weekend food-beverage party and are undecided on the choice of wine then it’s fairly normal. There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to the choice of wine. It all varies with the particular preferences of different individuals. However there are some wines that make a decent combination with some specific dishes.

Different types of wine:

Red-Wine-on-Summer-DayThere is a variety in terms of wine that you get in the market. The choice of the wine depends on your individual tastes and preferences. However each of the wines have their own particular characteristics and properties. Let us look at some of the most common types of wine that are popular amongst it’s consumers.

Cabernet sauvignon: Cabernet is a red wine which has its roots in France. The Cabernet sauvignon is currently one of the most popular red wine in the world and is frequently consumed by people. The Cabernet can be paired with a variety of foods and dishes like Pecorino cheese, smoked meat, lamb, beef to name a few.

Zinfanderl is another type of red wine that is frequently consumed by many people across the globe. This wine originated in Croatia and has a taste similar to the strawberries or blackberries. This type of wine can be combined with a variety of foods such as lamb, Thai, Indian, beef, Italian, Chinese, Pork, firm cheese and lamb.

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Syrah is another popular wine that can be traced back to France. It is a full bodied bold flavor that provides a variety of flavors including the plum, chocolate, Blueberry and pepper. This wine goes well with various dishes such as salty cheese feta, firm and hard cheese like Manchego as well as beef, lamb and smoked meat. It’s similar with Australian Wines, which is very good and tasty.

wine-making-These are few popular red wine available in the market. Apart from the red wine there is also white and rose wines that are served in parties and functions globally. A white wine can be combined with a variety of dishes that include chicken salad, chicken curry, chicken creamy sauce or chicken tetrazzini. There are a variety of white wines in the market and some popular ones include Oaked chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc.  Then there are rose wines that can be combined with almost all the dishes and make a great combination with a wide range of food as well as dishes.

Word of caution:

There are many interesting theories regarding the dietary properties of wine, however as with any other alcoholic drink one must guard against overdose. Heavy or excessive intake of any form of wine can cause various health issues and if persisted can even lead to long term harmful effects.

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